German American Club
Spring Hill, Florida
founded 1982

German American Club of Spring Hill
P.O.Box 5341
Spring Hill Florida 34611

President Klaus Horstmann (15th. term)
(727) 697-2761)


Vice President: 
  Heribert Thomas (727) 817-0485

Herb Heise (352) 683-4012

Social Secretary: 
  Lisa Yaskulski (352) 688-3744

Assist. Entertainment:
Claus Glandorf (352) 684-5087


Jack Yaskulski (352) 688-3744

Assist. Treasurer: 
Joachim Stimmel (727) 863-7823

Rosemarie Koenig (352) 666-8525

Heinz Thies (352) 666-4681


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2016 Board and Committee members from left to right.
Claus Glandorf, Jake Eidenschink, Heinz Thies, Herb Heise, Heribert Thomas, Klaus Horstmann,
Jack Yaskulski, Lisa Yaskulski, Rosemarie Koenig, Margaret Gimigiliana.
Joachim Stimmel, Claus Wutherich and
Lilo Horeis missing.


Margaret Gimigliana
352 666-7023
Newsletter Editor
Jack Yaskulski
352 688-3744
Database Maintenance
Jack Yaskulski
352 688-3744
Web Site Administrator
Claus Wutherich
352 592-4592
Club Historian
Lilo Horeis
352 666-7584
U.G.A.S.F. Delegate
Jake Eidenschink
352 683-7780

Our Location: 13400 Montour Street,
Brooksville, Fl 34613
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Please attend our Meetings.

  We want to party with you
Show up for our dances.

2016 Club Events.

  Reservations, call Lisa Yaskulski at 352-688-3744.
                      For more details and updates consult our NEWS LETTER below.

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Carnival Festivities approaching.
Watch this excellent Video.

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Memories of past Club Events
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of past events.

German Heritage Day Orlando, Florida 2015

Wine and Cheese Fest
New Year's Eve 2016
Anton aus Tirol 2016

German Entertainers 2016
Oktoberfest 2016
Christmas 2016
Hofbrauhaus 2016

Heimat Abend 2016
Valentine Party 2014
Picnic 2016

30th. Anniversary 2012
25th. Anniversary 2007           Alpen Diamanten Farewel  2011

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Map of Germany

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